Sometimes printers take shortcuts however often the end product looks cheap, tends to crack or simply doesn’t last.
Always look for the AAA Uniform Central Customer Care Guarantee of Quality


Our print options include:

Screen Printing

Direct To Garment Printing 

Vinyl Heat Transfer Printing
Laser Transfer Printing

Digital Full Colour Transfer Printing

Dye Sublimation Printing

At AAA Uniform Central we love to help customers embellish their fashion, clothing, and workwear and with our specialised knowledge and a good brief from the client can help you select any one of the six different types of garment print options.

Getting the right print for the job and knowing which is which and why is why we opened up in the first place - it was a chance to build a great team of dedicated franchisees all around Australia who are trained with just this knowledge of technology and know-how.

Our staff is like one big family, friendly and full of tips and advice. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll always do our best to find the right print type for your specific job.

Pretty soon you will be proudly wearing one of your highly branded corporate uniforms and reaping the sales and accolades from investing in the same. We’d love to meet you soon and get you on your way to creating beautiful masterpieces that exemplify your brand and business!

Please note that some print techniques work better on some fabrics while others work better with single colours and some print techniques have minimums to make them equitable

- Artwork is required in an editable Vector format –[eps, ai, or pdf files]
- If no artwork in correct format additional costs $60 P/H [minimum 1/2 hour]