Owning a AAA franchise close to your home, will gain you a new flexible lifestyle, excellent earning potential, exclusive defined territory with flexible hours and security


Promotional products continue to challenge other marketing trends, growing at a rate of 45% over the past 5 years. Expanding markets include healthcare, workwear, security and branding for various clubs.

Marketers spend more than $1.34 billion (AUS) and $144 million (NZ) per year on promotional products. In apparel, the spend in Australia is valued at over $2 billion annually, with a further $8 billion annually in business printing.


​Most of your profit will come from branding and supplying quality apparel and related products to large and small businesses, schools, clubs, associations & direct to the public.

By delivering consistent expert timely service to B2B clients you start creating your own market growth and networks with further repeat sales driven by seasonal conditions, new employees, new brands or new locations & growth

  • By using your skills, expert training & AAA Uniform Central Systems & Advanced Techniques​

  • With gold class customer relationship skills and account management your creating long term clients with your newly gained expert training, the support of quality products

  • By enforcing our 8 Steps of Successful Marketing and your gold level of timely, friendly service you are able to capture and keep long term customers

  • With our competitive profit margins and often great group clearance line purchase opportunities

  • Exclusive product lines and volume discounts and rebates and Never having to mark Your Stock Down so No Stock Loss

  • AAA Uniform opportunities may also include many other revenue streams which are sometimes site or location based or as you want to grow.

  • With opportunities to buy, sell or relate with additional opening territories

    • LIFESTYLE; A Perfect Opportunity For Singles, Husband & Wife Teams, Or Semi-Retirees

    • Be Your Own Boss Flexible To Suit YOUR Dream Lifestyle

    • Drop The Kids To School, Do Some Shopping And Call On Your Clients

    • Its Our Level Of Experience In Fashion & Apparel Since 1975

    • Our Track Record of Success & over 40+ years in the Business & Industry

    • Expert Industry And Business Advice

    • Our Proven Track Record & Your Entry To A Recession Proof High Growth Industry

    • Fashion Design & Colour Coordination Can Be An Advantage To Help Your Clients

    • Ground Floor Opportunity At A Realistic Price & Potential To Get Your ROI In Months

    • Cultivate & Benefit With Tax Free Capital Growth On Your New AAA Asset

    • Start Up Marketing With Leads & On-Going Referrals To Your Exclusive Territory

    • A Committed Franchisor Who Cares

    • Brilliant Job Satisfaction & Security

    • Benefits Include Preferred Supplier Status With Special Rates

    • Additional Product Rebates & Volume Discounts

    • Heaps Of Repeat Business And Referrals Generated By First Rate Account Management

    • AAA Website, SEO's & Internet Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

    • Heaps Of Collateral-Incl: Signage>Displays>Training Tools> Manuals>Sales Kits>Samples

    • National & Local Advertising & Promotion Strategies

    • Robust Expanding Markets In Construction, Security, Healthcare & Government

    WHY Own a AAA Uniform Central Franchise?

    • Huge Profit Potential, High Margin - Low Expenses With Growth & Quick ROI

    • Huge ROI - Return On Investment - Great Profit Margins- Low Expenses

    • Recession Resistant Industry - EVERYONE WEARS UNIFORMS! … and its growing!

    • Plenty Of Repeat Business And Totally Rewarding.

    • Strong Brand In A Growth Industry

    • Robust Expanding Markets In Construction, Security, Healthcare & Government

    • Training Programs & New Products

    • Ongoing Operational Support & Marketing Assistance

    • Real Estate Advice Assistance

    • Construction Advice Assistance

    • Purchasing Power & Inventory Advice

    • Risk Avoidance - helping you avoid much of the risk of starting a new business

    WHY AAA Uniforms As A Franchise?

    • Create The Dream Lifestyle You Want For Your Family & Enjoy The Success

    • Designer Fashion & Branding Business Perfect For Women Great For Guys

    • Tree Change Or Sea Change & Life Change Low Risk Opportunity Now

    • Exclusive Territories Now All Around Australia = AAA

    • Excellent Earning Potential - Staged Rapid Growth = Quick ROI

    • Job Security And Quality Business Lifestyle

    • Full Start Up Training In Every Aspect Plus On Going Support, Guidance & Mentoring

    • Low Overheads, High Profit Margins With No Discounted Stock Required

    • Supported By A Strong Team Of Consultants

    • Great Product, Product Guarantees And Extensive Product Training

    • Excellent Suppliers, Premium Product Excellent

    • Regional Opportunities

    • FANTASTIC Start-Up Package! -Ground Floor Launch

    WHAT Is The AAA Uniform Value Offer

    • All This Value With Some Start-Up Investments As Low As $25,000 +SAV

    • The Initial Low Fee Helps Cover Costs In Recruitment &Training

    • It Takes A Couple Of Year For A Franchise System To Hit Its Straps

    • Liquid Assets Of 50k _ Net Worth Of $200k Is Ideal

    • Confidential And Obligation Free Discussion, Please Get In Touch

    How Do I Start? Money Talks

    • Ideal Opportunity For Husband & Wife, Family Or Semi Retirees

    • Fashion & Clothing Core -Perfectly Suited To Women With Interests in Apparel/Coordination

    • You Have The Drive And Will To Succeed

    • You're Looking To Build A Business & Future Growth

    • Good Follow Up And Attention Detail Is One Of Your Strengths

    • Understand & Communicate With Effective Conversational English

    • Your Committed To The Franchise System And Good Team Player

    • Have A Need To Achieve Great Customer Service & Timely Delivery

    • Comfortable Working Independently & Some Business & Management Experience Is A Plus

    • Your Conversant & Own Mb Phones & Computers - Additional Training Provided

    • Have Financial resources To Pay the Initial Fee & Six Months Working Capital

    • You May Be In A Trade or Other Business Already Being Well Liked &Well Contacted

    • Be Able To Promote & Introduce Business - It All Starts With A Smile & Handshake

    • If You Can Talk To People, You're Honest, Sincere,Trustworthy & Good Product Knowledge

    WHO Are You & WHAT Key Skills You Need:

    • Exclusive Territories All Around Australia - Now Australia Wide

    • Unique Work At Home or From A Mobile Unit to Graduating To Storefront ASAP

    • Many Low Rent Options To Get You Started And Help With Negotiations

    • Pop Up Shop Sites, Great Metro & Regional Strategies Hewed Over 40+ Years

    • Expert Site Selection Advice On Location, Signage, Security & Budget Cost Fit-outs

    WHERE Will Your New AAA Uniforms Franchise Site Be?


  • Looking to build a business?

  • Why uniforms as a franchise?

  • Why AAA?

  • A strong team of consultants

  • Secure your dream area now  

  • Growth and succession planning

  • Exclusive units available is capped

  • Product rebate

  • Grow and secure your assets

  • Support and growth family assets and enjoy lifestyle growth

  • Job security

  • Work close to home

  • Cut travel time  

  • Lifestyle choices

  • Ground floor and growth and security

  • Good earning good ouse good

  • Growth, industries

  • Ideal husband, wife or parents career

  • Exellcent regional opportunities

  • Recession proof

  • Exclusive territories

  • Fashion related extended opportunities

  • Value for money business opportunity

  • White collar business opportunity

  • High margin, low expenses

  • Huge RIO

  • Designer fashion branding business

  • Exclusive territories All Around australia

  • Now australia wide

  • Huge profit potential, growth and RIO

  • High profit low overhead


Our extensive AAA Uniform Central training regime includes all components of both front of house and back of house. Training modules include comprehensive garment, PPE and fabric knowledge, sizing, graphics, administration, our 8 steps of Successful Marketing & 12 Step Activations.

Competive Advantages

Our competitive advantages within the AAA Uniform Central team include our Level Of Experience In Apparel Since 1975

  • Our Track Record of Success & over 40+ years in the Business & Industry

  • Expert Industry And Business Advice

  • Include Preferred Supplier Status With Special Rates

  • Additional Product Rebates & Volume Discounts

  • Heaps Of Repeat Business And Referrals Generated By First Rate Account Management

More of What We Can Provide

  • AAA Colour Catalogues & Guides

  • Catalogues, Brochures and Samples

  • Preferred Supplier Contacts and Catalogues

  • Samples of embroidery & Printing Types

  • Corporate Workwear & Promotional Samples Range

  • Corporate Workwear & Promotional Samples Range Fit Range

  • AAA Style Guide Graphics & Artwork

  • Store & Mobile Van - Fit out & Signage Advice

  • Marketing Tools

  • Travel BRAG Bags

  • A3 Laminated Presentation Storyboards

  • Consultants Racks

  • Consultants Sales Bags x 2

  • Marketing Support Systems

  • Call Centre Marketing

  • Training- 10 days & On Going Support

  • AAA Uniform Central  latest Laptop update & Systems & Admin files

  • AAA SOP – Standard Operating Procedures Manual

  • AAA Operations Manuals

  • AAA Accounting Consultant Pkge MYOB



62 High St, Glen Iris VIC 3146, Australia

1300 30 8220

1300 30 8220

62 High St, Glen Iris VIC 3146, Australia


If you're planning to head over outside the above times just give us a call. If we are at the factory or on appointments we’re normally only 20-30 minutes away.


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483 Warrigal Rd, Ashwood VIC 3147, Australia